Several years ago, there was a significant media attention about the issue of using lead paint. Thanks to the awareness generated by media and the studies conducted by many industry experts, lead paint belongs to history now. Modern paint manufacturers refrain from moving lead based paints as it falls into the hazardous building materials category. However, lead paint can still be around us and they can be still hazardous particularly when they are not addressed with good precautions.


When the building you reside was constructed? If the answer is before 1970, the respective building is likely to have lead paint in it. Living with lead paint in home is hazardous in many ways and the problem should be addressed perfectly without making the situation worse. Removal of hazardous building materials such as lead pain should be done after assuring that no contaminated dust goes off the area. Thorough stripping off the lead paint should be carried out while residents, particularly the pregnant women and children, are away.


Considering the hazardousness of the lead paint removal task, it is always better to hire a skilled cleaning company to undertake the task. Basically, three types of paint removal strategies are there to implement.


  1. Chemical paint stripping

Chemical paint stripping is a comparatively expensive method and applicable on wooden surfaces. A special chemical will be applied on the respective surface. It takes some time and lots of patience is required from the person who handles it. The chemical will emit strong fumes which are exceptionally toxic to breathe in. Although it is good to wear masks during the process, masks along cannot protect you from the fumes. Therefore, a strict care should be taken.


  1. Using Heat Guns

Just like the name suggests, during this method, heat guns will be used to make the paint soft so that it is possible to rip lead paint in home easier. It is relatively an easier task to carry out and requires less space too. However, when it comes to a large project, removal of lead pain will be a highly time consuming task. Additionally, there are certain health considerations to be done and there is a potential for wooden surfaces to burn upon getting exposed to excessive heat. When it comes to window cleaning, things can be even difficult as you have to make extra attention on the glass portions. Again, you will have to wear a protective mask but it may not be able to provide you the complete protection.


  1. Infrared paint removal

This is a far better option than the previous methods. It is suggested by many authorities. This particular method is around the industry for many years now and this has been one of the most effective methods. The heat used in this method will be significantly less than the amount utilized with heat guns. No toxic fumes or dust will be emitted during the lead paint removal process.


When you select a cleaning service provider, you will have to look for their track records and have an idea about the methods utilized.