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There are a multitude of reasons someone would need our professional biohazard cleanup services. We provide professional Crime Scene cleanup services throughout the country. Our team of certified crime scene cleanup technicians have experience in cleaning and sanitizing crime and trauma scenes, hoarding and cluttered environments, mold infested locations, infectious diseases and many other biohazard conditions. We are not only trained in the proper decontamination methods and protocol but we are also aware of the compassion that is needed in times like these. We are here for you, when you need it most and are dedicated to the safety of everyone we serve.

Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime Scene Cleanup

Something that a family or household should never have to go through is a traumatic event. Unfortunately, 18% of all violent crimes occur in homes. We’re here to help. Our expert crime scene cleanup team have been helping families restore what they had, before the incident occur. We provide fast, discreet and expertise service using all of the most modern techniques, tools and chemicals to restore safety in your home. In most cases, homeowners insurance or crime victim funds will cover the cost of our services, providing no cost out of pocket for you, so you can focus on more important matters. Learn more about our crime scene clean up here.

Hoarding Cleanup

Compulsive hoarding is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home. We have been helping hoarders take the next step into a new life by offering hoarding cleanup services. We will work with the home owner to discard any rubbish or junk, and provide them with a fresh start. This turning point, coupled with professional mental health treatment will change everythingLearn more about our hoarding cleanup services here.

Mold Remediation

Water is imperative for life. Water can also be very destructive, and can cause problems in your home, if left unattended for some time. Mold is a direct effect of water left to sit for too long. It can spread and cause odors in your home. If left unattended for an extended period of time, even cause building materials to need to be outright replaced, which can be costly. We use special chemicals, that are NON hazardous to children and pets that will destroy and remove mold growth on many surfaces. Learn more about mold remediation here.

Meth Lab Recovery

Methamphetamine or “Meth” is a highly addictive drug that is a problem in many US states. Meth is “cooked” using some basic chemistry skills and can be made with ingredients found in almost any store. Because of this, many addicts will cook and produce their own meth in their homes or apartments. The chemicals used are volatile, and can cause illness when breathed in or even explode. It is imperative, that upon a police seizure of a meth lab, you have the rooms or home decontaminated of the residual chemicals on the walls ceiling and floor. Learn more about meth lab recovery here.

Let us help.

We’re in business to help families and communities. Restore safety and integrity be offering our services at no cost to victims of crimes in their homes. Working together closely with insurance companies and crime victim funds, we strive on offering our professional crime scene cleanup services nationwide at any time, day or night. When tragedy strikes, who will you call?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for your services?

In most cases, Homeowners or property insurance covers the cost of our services. In cases they don’t, or if there is no insurance, Crime Victim Associations on a per-state basis offer assistance in the wake of a Traumatic incident. For more info on Crime Victim Assistance, Visit our Crime Victim Assistance Database.

How soon will your crew get it me?

Pending on the location of the incident, we will dispatch within 1-3 hours after the call comes in. Arrival time will be shortly after that, pending on location. In both cases, we will dispatch and arrive ANY time, day or night, if need be.

Is there anything I should know prior to calling?

Although we are able to dispatch fine without it, there are a few helpful tips available on our Get Help Fast page, that will expedite the whole process and make everything move along quickly. Visit our Get Help Fast page here.

How soon after the incident should I call?

It is recommended that as SOON as the police, coroner and medical examiner leave the scene, and it is deemed fit for entry, you call us. We do not recommend entering the premises or the rooms affected for mental well being reasons. This can be done at anytime, day or night.

Should I be concerned about alerting my community when a crime scene vehicle shows up?

All of our vehicles in service are UNMARKED. Discretion is at the utmost importance. By not having a vehicle with logos and advertising all over, the community will not know that there is a cleaning crew parked in front of your home.

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